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Thyristor Trigger

Benefits of using the Active Trigger Unit

Reduced Costs

  • Requires no gate drive power
  • Triggers any thyristor
  • Reduced printed circuit board cost due to its small footprint and the elimination of the gate drive power supply
  • Fully tested product
  • Simplifies logistics as it triggers any size thyristor


  • Reduces the control card size because of its small footprint and the absence of a gate drive power supply

Simple Design

  • Replaces many traditional components

High Reliability

  • Superior electrical isolation
  • Performs well in very harsh industrial environments

High Performance

  • Handles any inductive or high di/dt load due to powerful gate pulse

Trends in the marketplace

  • Supports the trend away from magnetics using the latest technology

All components and parts used in these units have been certified by their manufacturers as RoHS Compliant
The Optocoupler is approved for UL1577 File No. E52744 System Code H or J, Double Protection and DIN EN 60747-5-2 (VDE0884), RoHS 2002/96/EC and WEEE (2002/96/EC)
No warranty is given for the accuracy of information stated by the respective manufacturers.

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